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Computerized Digital Radiography

Our office was one of the first to introduce this technology to our patients in 1997.., . Before Schick, we placed each film in your mouth,one by one, exposed the film with the X-ray tube for about 1/3 second, removed it, then photochemically developed the film, waiting at least several minutes to view a roughly 1" square image on a light box. Magnification and viewing films was not easy, and duplication required exposing more film and yielded poor results. Films occasionally got lost or misfiled



Today a Schick CDR sensor (it's similiar to the CCD element of a camcorder) wired to a PC with special software is placed in the mouth, exposed for 1/15 th of a second (that's right, 80 % radiation reduction to the patient) and the image appears in about a second on a 19 " computer monitor.


With Schick CDR, both the doctor and patient can clearly see the pictures which provides for better diagnosis and understanding.

The system's database is integrated into our computerized patient record Softdent so any staff person has instant access to every patient's x-rays from any workstation in the office.

Duplicates for insurance claims and conference with specialists can be printed, faxed or e-mailed. 


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Instant viewing, magnification, and unlimited duplication are possible and contrast and brightness can be adjusted after the picture is made.

(with film an unreadable exposure had to be reshot).


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