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The easy & safe way to weight loss and optimal health

We are experiencing a massive obesity epidemic in our country.

The U.S. diet industry annually represents over 60 billion dollars in sales.  Not surprising when roughly 30% of Americans are clinically obese and another roughly 37% are classified as overweight. This leads to many common diseases affecting both oral and systemic health. Medications are prescribed to combat these diseases with side effects again affecting both oral and systemic health. More information on this topic can be obtained by clicking here.

It seems everyone has an opinion on how to lose weight, and nearly everyone has a “plan”.  Eat this or that.  Drink this or that.  Eat less.  Exercise more.  Take the latest “magical” herbal blend.  Take the latest “miracle pill”.

People are paying a lot of money for things that have no scientific proof, may be dangerous to health, probably will not work, or will not work for long.  Or, if too complicated or take too long to show results, we become discouraged and fall back to our old eating habits.

Medifast, a weight loss program launched in 1980, and implemented at Johns Hopkins Univerity, it has since been used by over 20,000 physicians and health care providers to help their patients lose weight and improve their health.   The protocols have almost a two decades long record of safety and efficacy backed up by clinically proven results.


As Take Shape for Life independent health coaches, my wife Jacki and I will help navigate the maze of weight loss confusion utilizing the Medifast meal replacements and protocols once available only through a physician. (click here to go to our TSFL website)

Jacki and I, like most Take Shape for Life health coaches, lost weight, about 40lbs each on this very same program.   As such, we are very familiar with the wish/need to lose weight and feel healthier and the difficulty of finding something that both works and offers a permanent solution to keeping the weight off.

However, Take Shape for Life is much more than a weight loss program

The Take Shape for Life goal isn't to achieve a state of achieve optimum health for all our clients. By adopting Habits of Health, one goes from a state of non-sick ( where one frequently reverts to unhealth) to a state of lasting optimal health and longevity. Eating habits, physical habits, sleeping habits, and brain habits are part of an inclusive set of activities that are easily repeatable. 




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